There is so much good about a college education; yet we are often blinded by the light of learning to the reality that too many colleges are lacking in transparency.  They are regularly not transparent with financial health, tuition pricing, graduation rates, and much more.

"Uh Oh" College is for college students and their families.  We use the podcast to provide a balanced source of college-related information. 
Instead of the usual one-way hype colleges use to get students to enroll, we challenge their messages to you in a way that will provide listeners with an enhanced perspective.  You will learn what is good and what is garbage.
You will learn how to analyze the financial health and viability of private and public colleges.  Students and parents are generally unaware of the financial health and viability of many colleges.  Some colleges will continue to close, but many others are cutting majors, degrees, programs, and faculty.  We will step you through the process for comparing the financial health and viability of these colleges.
We will talk about how college presidents are paid to look out for their college's best interests - not your.  We'll share how boards of trustees operate - many times to the detriment of the college and its students.
We will share how college counselors make the college decision process much harder than it needs to be.  Colleges want you a lot more than you want them.  We'll share how to leverage that to your benefit.
You will learn how to interpret enrollment trends, graduation rates, and popularity indicators to your advantage.  We will show you the College Viability app and how to use it compare colleges you are considering.
Uh Oh College will provide listeners with an entertaining, idea-challenging, and thoughtful discussion about colleges, the college selection process, the business of college, and much more.

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Join me for one of eight college financial health and viability webinars scheduled for 2024 in February and March. 

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In this 45-minute webinar you'll learn:
✓ about the one report that shows how popular a college is
✓ why colleges with poor graduation rates are really more expensive
✓ how to determine if a college is more likely to survive the current college closure rates
✓ how comparing enrollment trends matter to your college's future 

You can also ask questions about colleges you may be considering.

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